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Reach .htaccess Via ftp - Emergency Instructions

If you clobbered your .htaccess file and your Web site no longer works, the only remedy is to get rid of the bad .htaccess file. Since most ftp programs won't show you hidden files, that makes it impossible to delete them. But if you have Windows, you can still do it using the following steps.

Open a windows command prompt (Start button, Run, Open, type command in the box that asks which program to open, click OK)

Windows ftp will open and display a prompt:

Type: Open your_website_ftp_address

When prompted for uesr enter your ftp user name
When prompted for pass enter your ftp pass name
Change to your root directory (where your home page resides). It is probably named something like www or htdocs
cd /www

Type: ls -a

This is the command to list all files. One of them should be .htaccess.

Type: rename .htaccess htaccess.BAD

Type: disconnect

Type: quit

The Windows ftp session will close. If you revisit your Web site, it should be working again.

Tip: While in Windows ftp you can type ? for a list of ftp commands

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