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Free Internet Access Update

At the end of the year 2000, several major free Internet service application providers closed their doors, taking the services (sub-brands) that relied upon them with them. The providers were Spinway, 1stUp.com, and Brand3. Free Internet services that have shut down as a result include: Startfree,  NBCi free Internet access, Irish Abroad, hifusion, Barnes & Noble Free Internet, WebFlyerNet, Spiegel Free Internet, and isFree.com, among others. This dramatically reduced the availability of free Internet connections. 

In addition, both Teachersinfree and Seniorsinfree now want you to sign up for an $89 annual membership to receive "free" internet access, so they have been dropped from our list as well.

Some of the defunct services may be reborn using another application service provider. Kmart (bluelight.com) acquired some of Spinway's assets, enabling it to keep bluelight.com free Internet access running. In addition, there are still other free ISPs ready to take provide you with a no-cost onramp to the Net. You can find them here.

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