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Managing Pay-Per-Click

With PPC, you're paying for each visitor to your site. What you'd like to do, as much as possible, is pay for visitors who buy, and not pay to get visitors who don't buy.

Ten Myths of Search Engine Optimization

Is what you thought about search engine optimization really true?

Internet Advertising FAQ

Answers to frequently asked Internet advertising questions.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Using Web Site Statistics

Using web site statistics effectively isn't as simple as you might think. Find out what data is available to you and how you can use it to track your marketing effectiveness.

Taking a Long Time for Google Results?

Is Google putting new sites on hold before giving them the page ranking they deserve? Learn about the Google sandbox theory and what it means to you.

Getting Free Search Traffic

Getting free search traffic is not that difficult if you follow some basic guidelines.

Search Engines Don't Really Ban Sites!...Or Do They?

The results are in - you CAN get banned by a search engine. Find out what NOT to do.

Google Adwords is King of PPC--Isn't It?

Google Adwords is a huge success; their little ads appear right beside the free search results. But are they the best (or only) value for your advertising dollar?

Taking Advantage of Timely Keywords

Why and how you can choose timely keywords to boost search engine traffic to your Web site.

Four Tips to Draw Traffic to your Web Site

Find out the latest ideas for increasing the number of visitors to your Web site.

What is Marketing?

The very best marketers do just four things...

Voluntary and Involuntary Advertising

The prospect who is visiting your site is there voluntarily and really wants information, potentially lots of it. Nonetheless, they can be gone in a flash.

Outbound Links: Do They Help Ranking?

Research suggests that outbound links as well as inbound links may influence your Google Pagerank. Find out what this means to you.

Search Engines--Who Feeds Results to Whom?

Google, Yahoo!, Inktomi, LookSmart, DMOZ, Overture - Learn about the shifting relationhsips between these search engines, how they feed results to each other, and the relationships you can leverage to increase the visibility of your Web sites.

Why You Should Offer An Email Newsletter

Newsletters are a great site promotion tool. Learn why you should create one for your Web site.

Paying for Position: Worth It?

What is pay for position and what's the best way to use it to market your business online.

Tools For Making Your Own Banner Ads

You can make your own advertising banners with helpful online programs.

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