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An Introduction to Various Forms of Web Hosting - page 2

Green Hosting

If you want web hosting that is environmental-friendly you should put your focus on looking for "Green" hosting. This form of web hosting is constantly growing in popularity and because of this more and more hosting providers are offering green hosting. There are usually two ways a web host offers green hosting: they use eco-friendly energy efficient servers or they purchase carbon offsets.

Cloud Computing

Something that is very trendy in the hosting industry at the moment is Cloud Computing. There are three characteristics to cloud computing which differentiates it from what you could call the "traditional" hosting.
  1. It is sold on demand
  2. It is elastic - a consumer of cloud computing can use a much or as little of the hosting as he or she want.
  3. The service is entirely managed by the hosting provider; the consumer only needs a computer with Internet access.

This form of web hosting has become immensely popular since as it allows for growth when needed and can stay at a low level when you have few visitors. You will only have to pay for the hosting that you are using which perhaps has made it even more popular in today's economic climate.

There are hosting options available for virtually any need you may have of your site. Hosting can be quite affordable but remember as with any other purchase, if it sounds too good to be true then it likely is. It is important to understand exactly what it is that you are wanting from a host and then matching those needs to what is available. While it is relatively simple to move from one host to another, taking additional time when choosing a host you can be happy with could save the headaches of a slow site, site down time or poor customer service.

About the Author

Brian Franklin
Web Hosting Search

Brian Franklin is a blogger and editor with Web Hosting Search, a guide bringing transparency to web hosting. Here he tests, reviews and blogs about hosting providers and other tools of use to web design.

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