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CheapWebTricks.com was created to help people learn how to build and promote useful and interesting Web sites without investing a small fortune in the effort. This is especially important to people building personal Web sites, Web sites for non-profit organizations, or launching initial entrepreneurial ventures, as well as for those of us who love a good bargain.

CheapWebTricks.com practices many of the suggested free tactics. We're as cheap...I mean frugal...as the next guy if not more so. We did decide to pay (not much though) for Web hosting in order to get the features and flexibility necessary to bring you a really robust site, but we use lots of the free tricks we recommend as well.

In some cases we are affiliates of some of the free services we recommend, but we never list a service or feature simply because it has an affiliate program - we just figure if we're including it anyway, why not earn a few pennies while we're at it!

Anne Martinez

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